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Fat Foot Scooter

$1,399.00 (+ sales tax if applicable)


Fat Foot Go electric scooters are your newest mode of transportation – perfect for urban commuters or adventurers. Eco friendly with an all-electric motor and able to handle varied terrain with the specially designed fat tires, these motorized scooters will work for any situation.

Fat Foot Scooters are the perfect solution to running errands or as your main mode of urban transportation, a Fat Foot electric scooter means you’re taking your first step in eco-friendly transportation. Just hop-on, start, and go. It’s that simple.

Fat Foot Go’s founders saw the need for an easier and more affordable mode of transportation for themselves. As they drove into work, made a quick stop at the grocery store, ran their other errands and then made another stop at the gas station, they quickly saw how much their gas bills were increasing just by running daily errands. They decided that there must be an easier way for people in urban areas to commute each day. A commute filled with less gas stops and parking woes, and more time enjoying the fresh air. They both traded in their traditional car commutes for electric scooters - an eco-friendly option that also cut their own bills. The founders took their own commuting struggles and decided to bring their personal solution to a broader group with a line of safe, convenient, and affordable motorized scooters. Fat Foot Go was born.

$1,399.00 plus shipping ( $200 to $400)

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