No Safe Refuge by Terry Grosz (2003)

$20.00 (+ sales tax if applicable)
Made In USA

Former U.S. Fish and Wildlife conservation officer Terry Grosz has written yet another of the enthralling books that have earned him the reputation as the Indiana Jones of wildlife protection. In his fifth book, ?No Safe Refuge,? (Johnson Books, Boulder, 2003, 266 pages, $20 soft cover), Grosz recounts further tales of his fight, and that of the thin line of wildlife law officers everywhere, to save America?s wildlife heritage. These are fast-moving, gripping tales as big as the man behind story, and at 6-foot-4 and tipping the scale at 300-plus pounds, Grosz is plenty big.. Tales of matching wits against poachers, market hunters and other wildlife law breakers are told with suspense and excitement tied together with Grosz?s unabashed love for the wildlife resource.

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