Family Centennial by Johnny Moore

$17.95 (+ sales tax if applicable)
Made In USA

Mr. Moore was inspired to write this compelling, historic book when he became interested in his family's history. From yellowed manuscripts and documents authored by his ancestors, the author Was catapulted into tumultuous times past with amazing clarity due to the skill of the mostly unpublished writers. He shares the life and times of these family writers who were on the leading edge of their time: doctors, scientists, musicians and soldiers.

Their adventures were dramatic and history-making, but they were strictly writing for their family records. Even so, the results seem more like silver screen adventures, in the East, the families endured deep hardships to conquer an icy land. The Civil War was fought. Determination and intellect defeated despair and death. In the west, the trans-continental railroad was built, pestilence was endured, gold was mined and operas composed. Walk through the early history of this country right up through World War II.

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